Mission to Romania

In less than two weeks I will be back in Romania.  It will be a much shorter trip – only 15 days.  But I know I will have many stories and pictures to share. 

Since being diagnosed with an incurable cancer over two years ago, God has given me a different outlook on life.  Facing death, as I do every day, there is not much I won’t do for my Beloved, Jesus.  I wish I would have had this perspective prior to the diagnosis as I would have been doing so much more to serve the Lord and not so much for my own upkeep. 

I have a five-year plan for going full-time missions.  That idea scares me and excites me at the same time.  Every time I speak of fulfilling this dream, my heart races and I get a little freaked out.  I’ve been in contact with some people who may be able to help me get to Prague, Czech Republic.  I have always wanted to return to my Czech roots although I’ve never been there and have always lived as an American.  I find that teaching English to non-english speakers is such a beautiful and rewarding endeavor through my experience with the refugees in America.  I would love to share that skill with those in the Czech Republic while also fulfilling God’s word to me: “I shall not die but live, and shall declare the works and recount the illustrious acts of the Lord” (Psalm 118:17).

Please check out my fundraising page and consider helping me get to Romania.  Eventually I will modify it for my short-term Prague mission which will take place in 2015.  Join me in this adventure.  There is nothing my God can’t do!


About carriebelongs

I am first and foremost an intimate friend of Jesus. He is the Lover of my soul and Lifter of my head. I love to worship Him and study His word. I look around the church and see sick and obese people. We pray, and most of the time they stay sick or die. I've heard preachers make all kinds of excuses based on experience and not the word such as "God simply chooses to not heal a person", or "The person was in sin"...and the list goes on full of excuses. I never believed that because the word speaks to the contrary. We are to please God with our faith, not be directed by experience. Then I was diagnosed with cancer. The day of my diagnosis the Lord filled me with truth (see my first blog). I've had good friends turn their back on me and others try to convince me it could be God's will I die because so-and-so died of the same thing. Friends speaking death into my life and calling it God's works...I have no words to express the hurt and disappointment I have felt from that. I started researching the causes of cancer and it's no surprise it came knocking on my door. It was developing while I was miserable and burned out in a social work job, my dad was ill and dying of cirrhosis, I filed bankruptcy from past medical bills, and I had recently bolted from an abusive church that I thought was Christian. My dad died, the bankruptcy was finalized, I was fired from my job, and then told I was going to die from stage 4 cancer - all happening within a matter of months. I was also eating the standard american diet and rarely anything of nutritious value. I changed my diet and started juicing right after my diagnosis in August 2011. I've had such a great response to the standard treatment when I actually make holistic treatments the frontline treatment. Plus, I have healed many other ailments such as my severe allergies. I believe our modern american way opens the door to the devil's destruction. God created our bodies beautifully to heal itself, but if we are trashing our bodies, we will get sick. I do believe the Lord can also just say the word and cancers are healed completely in an instant. For now I will trust in the Lord and live according to my convictions that we need to take care of these precious vessels He has given us on this earth. I'm learning how to really walk in the obedience the Lord calls us to so that we can be healthy, whole, and blessed.
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