Drugged up and Sick America

All week I have been anxious and fearful about my follow up appointment with the oncologist today.  I’m disgusted with myself for the way I have allowed my health to get out of control.  But I know we live in a system that sets us up for health disasters, and it seems that only the ones with really great genes can survive it.  Yes, my grandma died of metastatic breast cancer in her 30s, but that does not mean I HAD TO get it.  My poor lifestyle choices including stress and unresolved emotional issues most likely turned on that disposition to cancer.  I think a big part of my healing will come when I let that go and stop beating myself up for letting it get this far – incurable, as the medical world calls it.  “Nothing is impossible for God,” is the Truth.

I’ve had incessant, angry conversations in my head about confronting my oncologist about the poisonous Tamoxifen I am stuck on.  I wanted to be bold about TELLING him I will be weaned off of it.  I had just finished my Zometa infusion treatment  earlier in the week and felt that fueling the animosity within me over the destructive conventional cancer treatments.  Thanks to God, a close friend offered to come with me today and her quiet support was beautiful.  By the grace of God I  very calmly and respectfully threw it out there: “I would like to decrease my Tamoxifen.”  “To what?” the oncologist quickly retorted.  “Well, I know they have a 10 mg tablet.  Can I have that?”  The entire atmosphere changed and my oncologist appeared hostile.  He was swift to say he does not recommend it and we continued in a lengthy discussion about.  I probably should not have told him I already asked the pharmacist if it was possible to cut the 20 mg pills in half (yep, she asked me why I wanted to do that).  Matter of fact, I was told that when I do cut them in half to make sure nobody else comes into contact with even the slightest amount of the dust from the cut pill.   What?!?  And I am taking this poison?!?  If you are being told you have to go on Tamoxifen, please do a ton of research.  You don’t have to hurry up and start popping the pills as soon as your doctor tells you you have to take it.  Do your research.  I am completely convinced there is a better way to address all your issues relative to a cancer diagnosis, but it will take hard work and discipline.  Most don’t want to change and are more comfortable just having the doctor do whatever he desires to “help” them.  Keep in mind that cancer is mostly a lifestyle thing, not a random genetic thing.  You CAN avoid it.  You CAN prevent it.  And you CAN do something to completely defeat it.

I picked up my current monthly drug supply for both the cancer and my allergy/asthma problem.  My insurance pays 100%  How nice.  I added up the total minus the fast-acting inhaler and realized my drug dependency costs $529.69 a month!  And that’s not even including all the cancer treatment which I am sure is in the hundred thousand dollar range.  America does not have a healthcare crisis, it has a health crisis.  We are not receiving healthcare no matter how great our insurance is, we are receiving SICKcare and need to address the root issue of our crisis.  We, not the medical professionals, are responsible for our own healthcare.  It’s time we wake up and get off drugs.

It will probably take me a year to very cautiously wean off the Tamoxifen, but I want to do it right.  It’s such a horrible drug that should not be experimented on people.  And I know I don’t need the asthma drugs.  I believe my body has just become dependent on them, so that is another wean project coming up.  I have made a lot of changes in my lifestyle such as juicing, staying away from processed foods and refined sugar, eating whole foods, exercising daily, and supplementing.  I’ve already had my Advair inhaler reduced to the lowest dose since making these changes and my allergies are no longer a snot-extreme, debilitating mess.   I’ve suffered for 20 years with candida because my allergist put me on continual dosages of antibiotics.   Drugs are not the answer.

I’m not doing this apart from the Wisdom of God.  I KNOW God did not create drugs as some scientifically advanced new method for Him to heal.  “As for God, His way is perfect! The word of the Lord is tested and tried; He is a shield to all those who take refuge and put their trust in Him” (Psalm 18:30).  Think about all the costs and side effects of medication.  Do you really think this is God’s “modern” way of healing, as if Him just speaking the Word and healing someone is no longer good enough?  I have filed bankruptcy in the past because I couldn’t pay the $27,000 in medical costs I incurred for sinus surgery and other related issues (and I had insurance at that time!).  That’s not the perfect way of God.  Tamoxifen causes uterine cancer (among other things).  Why would God use a toxic drug to “heal” someone (maybe) and give them another cancer with his scientific creation?

Next time you pick up your monthly supply of drugs, add up how much they costed (someone).  And thoroughly read the side effects.  Then ask yourself if this is God’s perfect plan for your life.  How do your drugs make you feel?  Are you cured or just putting a band aid on the symptoms.  I’m for a drug-free America.



About carriebelongs

I am first and foremost an intimate friend of Jesus. He is the Lover of my soul and Lifter of my head. I love to worship Him and study His word. I look around the church and see sick and obese people. We pray, and most of the time they stay sick or die. I've heard preachers make all kinds of excuses based on experience and not the word such as "God simply chooses to not heal a person", or "The person was in sin"...and the list goes on full of excuses. I never believed that because the word speaks to the contrary. We are to please God with our faith, not be directed by experience. Then I was diagnosed with cancer. The day of my diagnosis the Lord filled me with truth (see my first blog). I've had good friends turn their back on me and others try to convince me it could be God's will I die because so-and-so died of the same thing. Friends speaking death into my life and calling it God's works...I have no words to express the hurt and disappointment I have felt from that. I started researching the causes of cancer and it's no surprise it came knocking on my door. It was developing while I was miserable and burned out in a social work job, my dad was ill and dying of cirrhosis, I filed bankruptcy from past medical bills, and I had recently bolted from an abusive church that I thought was Christian. My dad died, the bankruptcy was finalized, I was fired from my job, and then told I was going to die from stage 4 cancer - all happening within a matter of months. I was also eating the standard american diet and rarely anything of nutritious value. I changed my diet and started juicing right after my diagnosis in August 2011. I've had such a great response to the standard treatment when I actually make holistic treatments the frontline treatment. Plus, I have healed many other ailments such as my severe allergies. I believe our modern american way opens the door to the devil's destruction. God created our bodies beautifully to heal itself, but if we are trashing our bodies, we will get sick. I do believe the Lord can also just say the word and cancers are healed completely in an instant. For now I will trust in the Lord and live according to my convictions that we need to take care of these precious vessels He has given us on this earth. I'm learning how to really walk in the obedience the Lord calls us to so that we can be healthy, whole, and blessed.
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10 Responses to Drugged up and Sick America

  1. lfrancois says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog site; I appreciate the support. It was a very emotional experience reading your post. You were honest and upfront about your struggle and experiences. Self-examination is something many people shy away from doing because they fear what it will reveal. You displayed courage, humility and honesty with your self-examination. That is very commandable. I pray that your faith and your love for our Creator will lead you to true happiness and security.

  2. Rachel H. says:

    Carrie, you are SO right. I am currently only on one medication, synthroid, which I have to take, at least for now, for my hypothyroidism. I am hoping through good healthy food (Whole30), and chiropractic that God will heal my body to the point where it produces the correct amount of hormones on it’s own. God is BIGGER than cancer! And I believe that the healthy foods that he made for us to begin with are the answer.

    • A naturopath told me that it takes about 4 to 7 years to restore your health the natural way. I try to be patient with that. And our health improves along the way. I guess that’s better than being on drugs a lifetime without a cure.

      I was taking Iodoral for awhile (an Iodine/Iodide supplement). It seemed to give me more energy. I ran out and bought some kind of Iodine supplement from a health store and noticed a difference. I’m not sure if your doctor would approve the use of Iodoral for your use or if it would benefit you. You can find it on Amazon.com.

  3. Hi Carrie, it’s lovely to read the hope in your blog. Further to our little conversation the other day I wanted to send you this link because the difference in the effect of chemo vs exercise struck me http://www.gawlerblog.com/2012/10/ian-gawler-blog-curiosity-humour-and.html. I’ve limited my time on-line this week so couldn’t do this until now. Love and healing light Jane

    • Thanks for link. I enjoyed reading it. I agree completely. When I was not working I would go out on my bicycle for hours most days. It was such a happy time and I was doing great. Now I have to work full time, and finding time and energy for exercise is tough. I do get out for quick walks often during the week and hit the bike trail on weekends. But now I am 30 pounds heavier and not as happy.

  4. Kayla Bright says:

    Hi Carrie!

    I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t gotten around to really checking out your blog until now. Since you frequent my blog often, I thought I could do the same for you! 😉

    I was unaware of your struggle with cancer. I haven’t had anyone close to me who has had cancer, so I can’t offer much advice. But I will emphasize what you already seem to understand: God can heal you! I think a lot of times when we are sick or know someone who is sick, we pray, “If it’s your will, God, heal me/them…”

    “If” ???

    God CAN heal you! I believe it. Instead of resorting to wording our doubts as nicely as possible, we should live out James 5:13-16, specifically verse 14. It’s odd in today’s culture to anoint someone with oil. But a good doctor friend of mine recently did this and a woman was healed less than a week later! It wasn’t the oil that healed the woman; it was her faith, the faith of the doctor, and the other believers gathered around in prayer. I got chills when I heard about it. I think oftentimes a lot of people forget that God is fully capable of healing people, and he wants to and will – if we believe that he can. I’m glad to see that you understand that, and I can’t wait to see how your journey unfolds!

    God bless! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Kayla! I can’t even begin to tell you how healing your words have been. I wept as I read what you wrote. I am a believer and will stay strong in the battle because I know the Lord is by my side. He has told me that I will not die from this disease but most of my friends will not believe with me. I will believe the word of the Lord spoken to me. When I was in Romania they all believed with me and encouraged me to receive that healing He has already provided. That is where I learned to say, “Dumnezeu ma vindecat de cancer.” I will get back to you about guest posting on Romania. As I prepare to return to Romania in a few months, I’m considering writing more about my experience there.

  5. I am happy that you are following the natural and faith route. Tamoxifen is more effective if you supplement melatonin and eat it from food sources. My vegan oncologist told me. A very effective substitute for tamoxifen is calcium L or D glucarate or a similar name in pill form. It detoxes estrogen in the liver, Prunes and fibre do the same. Physical exercise increase survival by 50%. Also a supplement DIM. It removes estrogen.

  6. I’m taking DIM and have heard of calcium L or D glucarate. I’ll have to look into supplementing with those. Tamoxifen, or any other conventional hormone therapy, is not an option for me. I’m struggling horribly with the withdrawal from Tamox. I’m non oncologist number three and four to see if I can find one that will work with me and not against natural healing. I am taking on a new member to my cancer killing team, a natural care MD. Hoping to start Vitamin C infusions and whatever else he will add to my protocol. Thanks for the information!

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